Free 24k Gold Plating Anti Radiation Sticker

Daily Sale is offering Free 24k Gold Plating Anti Radiation Stickers to new customers.

Brand new 24K Gold Plated Anti-Radiation Sticker for all types of cell phones, LCD Screens, MP3 players and all electronic devices. Absorbs and eliminates harmful electromagnetic waves. Can filter the harmful Electromagnetic Waves emitted from the ear piece of cellular phones. Protect yourself and loved ones from these potentially dangerous health threats. Main Ingredients: Super Conductive Gold Plate 24K + EMI Fiber. Guaranteed Protection against radiation.

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FYI: USA. One time give away promotion offer. Limit one per customer. "If it's FREE why ask for a credit card? Yes it is FREE, a credit card is required to authorize $1 dollar to prevent fraud and verify your billing/shipping address!"