Free Cleavage Control Bra Clip

Daily Sale is offering Free Cleavage Control Bra Clip to New Customers:

"These handy bra clips offer lingerie ladies the chance to fashion figures with accessories other than bulky bands, by securing straps in perfect, out of sight place. A circular design with slits cut in, the clips join bra straps in the center of the back, converting once straight straps into a racer back look."

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You will need a credit card for this offer (use a pre-paid one that you have for freebies, with little or no balance). This deal is only live until May 3 11:59 PM EST (while supplies last).

FYI: USA. One time give away promotion offer. Limit one per customer. "If it's FREE why ask for a credit card? Yes it is FREE, a credit card is required to authorize $1 dollar to prevent fraud and verify your billing/shipping address!"

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