Free Christmas Music Downloads (Creative Commons)

"Here's a list of 110 256 songs which are all explicitly released under a Creative Commons license and thus can be shared, listened to, and sometimes even modified freely. There's a great variety in style, mood, and genre of the songs: some traditional, some contemporary, some happy, some sad, and some just plain funny."

Some of the Free Christmas Music Downloads listed include:

  • Natalie Brown - Jingle Bells
  • Kemper Crabb - A Medieval Christmas (11 songs)
  • Happy Puppy Records - A Happy Puppy Christmas (4 songs)
  • John Stebbe - Silent Night (Jazz Trio Version) (1 song)
  • Goyette Christmas Carolers - Various Christmas Songs (10 songs)
  • Shira Kammen - Christmas Day in the Morning

FYI: Worldwide

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