Free $200 Swag Bag From People Magazine

Be one of the first 100 people each day to fill your virtual "Swag Bag" (click on all 4 items on the page) and then click to "Get Bag" will get a Free Celeb Swag Bag worth $200.

People Swag Suite

The Free $200 Swag Bag From People Magazine is valid daily through March 15, during business days. The rules are very confusing as per a start time. I'm assuming this will start at 12:00 AM daily. Will keep you updated as I find out more.

On each day, as soon as the number of items to be awarded has been reached, they will post a message: "We're Sorry... All 100 Swag Bags have been claimed today from the People Swag Suite. Please come back tomorrow for another chance."

These will go super fast each day so be prepared. Make sure your register now to get a head start. Good luck and let us know if you are a lucky winner!!

FYI: "Program begins at 12:01 p.m. ET on 2/24/2012 and ends at 11:59 p.m. E.T. on 3/15/12. All entrants must be legal U.S. residents age 19 or older at the time of entry and present in the U.S. Limited to one entry per email account per day "

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Faith said...

UPDATE: I tried today, 2/25 at 12 noon and had no luck. Will try at midnight tonight even though it's not a business day.

I also have one of our Facebook fans, Rey, trying and hopefully we will have some luck.

If anyone else knows anything, please share!!

Faith said...

We gave it a shot this morning 2/26 at 12:00 AM with no luck. Possible it didn't work because it's not a business day?

Faith said...

Still no confirmation on time. Getting various reports. Starting times may vary!!!