Free Run For Cover Records Sample Album (download)

Run For Cover is offering a free rock music 2010 Spring Sampler download. This Free album download contains 11 songs.

The Free Run For Cover Records Sample Album was released March 11 2010 and includes:

Man Overboard - Cry Baby

Memorial - The Opener

Title Fight - Introvert

Tigers Jaw - Lodging

Fireworks - Seasick

Hostage Calm - Jerry Rumspringer

Balance and Compsosure - Kaleidoscope

Transit - Please Head North

Death Is Not Glamorous - Magic Fang

The Wonder Years - Everything I Own Fits In This Backpack

Man Overboard - Septemberism

No One Stays At the Top Forever

FYI: Worldwide. Limited time only.

What do I have to provide:

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Ken said...

It's always great to find cool new music - thanks!

Faith said...

Hi Ken, I couldn't agree more. Free song downloads are a great way to increase your music repertoire and you just might find some new cool artists!

Thanks for your comment and for visiting Freebie Fanatics!