Free Emergen-C BLUE Sample

We have had the Free Emergen-C BLUE Sample posted before on Freebie Fanatics. It's still available for those interested.

"Water is essential to life…and to Emergen-C®. Naturally, we believe in protecting this vital resource. Introducing Emergen-C BLUE™, the deliciously fizzy vitamin drink that boosts energy*, improves health*, and champions clean water efforts. Whether you’re charging a 15-foot wave in Hilo, Hawaii or enjoying a cold glass of agua in Paducah, Kentucky, clean water benefits all. That's why a percentage of Emergen-C BLUE’s profits support the Surfrider Foundation® – dedicated to cleaning up the world's oceans, waterways, and drinking water for 20 years. Emergen-C BLUE also does wonders for your well-being. A powerful blend of 24 nutrients, antioxidants and minerals that increases your metabolic function and gives you a boost of non-caffeinated energy*, all in a fun, berry blue flavor...a mix of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry flavors and juice powders.

Drinking Emergen-C BLUE is a great way to make a healthier you, and a healthier planet. For every box of BLUE sold, 20¢ goes to benefit Surfrider Foundation® in its efforts to improve water quality, including its work to train volunteers to help clean up the spill along the Gulf Coast."

FYI: US residents only.

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After registration form was sent: "Thank You! Free Samples of This Tasty BeverageThanks for your interest in Emergen-C BLUE® and your support of Surfrider Foundation® and its efforts to protect the world's oceans, waves and beaches. You're helping save our oceans, one sip at a time."

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