Free DPW High Speed Fail Sticker

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is offering Free DPW High Speed Fail Stickers.

"Scott Walker's not even in office yet, but he has already killed the high-speed rail project, and in the process sent thousands of family-supporting jobs to other states that could have been right here in Wisconsin.

Enough is enough. Since you can't take the train, sign up to get a free DPW bumper sticker that shows your support for high-speed rail wherever you go — and your support for the thousands of jobs the project would have created."

Sign up to get your Free DPW High Speed Fail Sticker.


What do I have to provide:


After registration form was sent: "Thank you for signing up for our "High Speed Fail" bumper sticker to remind drivers that Scott Walker killed the high-speed rail project that would have created thousands of Wisconsin jobs and in the process helped reduce congestion by linking Madison to Milwaukee, Chicago and eventually the Twin Cities."

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