15 Free Disney Movie Rewards Points

Here's a new code to get yourself 15 FREE Disney Movie Rewards Points.

"Not A Member? Join Disney Movie Rewards! It's FREE, and you can start redeeming points immediately. It's easy to earn great rewards when you collect points available with participating Disney films." Freebie Fanatics will even help you out by posting when we find codes.

Visit the Disney Movie Rewards website and enter the code word listed for 15 FREE Disney Movie Rewards Points.

Code = dec252425 (12/24/10 - 12/26/10 only)

FYI: USA and Canada. You must be 13 or over to join.

What do I have to provide:

Birth date
Confirm password
Terms and conditions box

After registration form was sent: "You’ve just earned 5 POINTS courtesy of The Search For Santa Paws and Disney’s A Christmas Carol. Want to earn more points? Want to see what’s playing? Visit abcfamily.com daily through 12/25 and click on the Disney Movie Rewards logo. It’s that simple!"

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