Free 2010 Scheduling Calendar with Metric Conversion Chart

"Minneapolis, MN—October 8, 2009—Boker’s, Inc., announces its free 2010 Scheduling Calendar and Metric Conversion Chart. As an industry leader in stampings and non-standard washers and spacers, Boker’s designed the 2010 calendar to serve as a one-page scheduling tool—complete with an easy-to-use metric conversion chart on the back.

Boker’s 2010 Scheduling Calendar spans 15 months, with Sundays and holidays conveniently marked in red. Also, the handy metric conversion chart includes the decimal and millimeter equivalents for common measurements, including 1/64 to 1 inch, plus inch equivalents for measurements from .1 to 100 mm."

You can download the calendar or request a hard print.

FYI: Worldwide for download. Worldwide? for hard copy.

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