Yummy Chummies Sample

A little something for your favorite pooch.

Quote From Site: " YUMMY CHUMMIES are the “Premiere, Gourmet Dog Treat” throughout North America for many reasons. Arctic Paws, the creator of YUMMY CHUMMIES, goes to great lengths to provide the freshest, highest quality snack possible. Much love and care go into every bag.

Need we mention the fact that Wild Alaskan Salmon are an incredibly healthy food and dogs are drawn to this natural treat like none other? You will be amazed at the excitement and interest dogs have in these remarkable snacks. It is widely used as an effective training aid.

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FYI: Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. One free sample per house-hold, per person. Arcticpaws llc. reserves the right not to fullfill requests for free samples at its discretion. USA

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