FREE Animal Pump Sample

UPDATE: At the request of the company, the link for this offer has been removed.

Quote From Site: "The Pump... It's the sensation that has the dedicated among us coming back to the gym day after day, year after year. But the Pump is much more than a feeling, a fleeting rush... The Pump is essential in our sport, for it signals the start of new muscle growth. With each pump-inducing rep, nutrient-rich blood floods the working muscle cells, engorging them. This process of cell volumization kick starts the anabolic process. Enter Animal Pump. Built on the proven foundation of creatine, Animal Pump is no passing fancy. It's a no bull, high octane performance supplement designed to help you blast through plateaus and preconceived limitations."

Visit their website to learn more about this product and get a free sample.

What do I have to provide:

Four (4) question survey

FYI: Offer good while supplies last. You must be 18 to receive a sample and have a mailing address within the continental U.S. Only one sample per household please. We reserve the right to refuse any sample request at our sole discretion.

After registration form was sent: Your request has been submitted.If eligible, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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