Free JetBlue TrueBlue Points

JetBlue is offering free TrueBlue points when you complete the following tasks.

1. Create a New Account or Sign into your TrueBlue account

2. Complete the following to add points to your account:

  • 500 points for connecting twitter
  • 500 points for connecting your facebook
  • 100 points for sharing your map on facebook (go to map and share on top right)
  • 100 points for going through tutorial
  • 50 points for sharing on facebook 5 times
  • 50 points for sharing on twitter 5 times
  • 50 points for inviting 5 people on facebook (more points for more invited, they don't have to sign up)
  • 1000 points for volunteering at a Corporate Social Responsibility event
  • 500 points for flying during your birthday month
  • 50 points for visiting the badge page 10 times

** Thank you Colleen **