Best Buy Reward Zone: Earn 12 Free Points via Audience Rewards

Best Buy Reward Zone offers 12 points for Free when you answer six trivia questions (You have to register your Reward Zone account with Audience Rewards to sign in).

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Trivia Questions & Answers:

Q: True or False? Once does not have an intermission.
A: False

Q: Which of the Four Seasons was responsible for most of the music writing of the groups songs?
A: Bob Gaudio

Q: What color is Glinda’s dress in the song “One Short Day” in Wicked?
A: Yellow

Q: Which of the following real life persona is NOT a character in Motown?
A: Trick question – they are all characters in the show!

Q: James Lapine has directed all but which of the following as revivals on Broadway?
A: Assassins

Q: The original leading man of Newsies was recently on what TV show?
A: Smash