12 Free Best Buy Reward Zone Points from Audience Rewards (new trivia questions)

Answer the trivia questions to get 12 Free Best Buy Reward Zone Points.

Answers include:

Q: True or False? My Name is Asher Lev has no intermission.
A: True

Q: Which of the following songs is NOT featured in Motown, the Musical?
A: Thriller

Q: Aside from the curtain call number, what is the last song in Mamma Mia!?
A: I have a dream

Q: The musical Kinky Boots is most closely about which of the following?
A: An ailing company of traditional mens shoe manufacturers

Q: The choreopgrapher of the upcoming First Date is also the choreographer of what show currently on Broadway??
A: Cinderella

Q: At what theatre is The Last Five Years playing this spring?
A: Second Stage Theatre


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