Free Portable LED Pocket Light


"Free Portable LED Pocket Light is the size same as a credit card and no wire needs. It is very convenient because it can be placed inside the wallet. The interior has a LED light bulb, when you need light, you just fold the "Light Bulb" up then the light turns on. If you lower the "Light Bulb" then the light turns off. You can use it anytime and anywhere!"

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You will need a credit card for this offer (use a pre-paid one that you have for freebies, with little or no balance). This deal is only live until February 19 11:59 PM EST

FYI: USA. New customers only. One time give away promotion offer. Limit one per customer. "If it's FREE why ask for a credit card? Yes it is FREE, a credit card is required to authorize $1 dollar to prevent fraud and verify your billing/shipping address!"

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