Free I Spy a Tale of Beowulf - Hidden Objects App For Android

The Free Android App for today (2/20) is I Spy a Tale of Beowulf - Hidden Objects (save $.99).

"I Spy a Tale of Beowulf - Hidden Objects - In the Lands of the Danes, King Hrogar and his people are beset upon by a crazed monster, Grendel. Answering their cries for help, a Hero arrives from far geatland, to save them. Beow├╝lf. He slays the monster and its avenging mother, freeing the Danes of this monstrous tyranny.

But this is only the start of the legend of Beowulf. This story, the oldest known example of vernacular european literature, tells of his great deeds. Of how he became King of the geats, of how he slayed dragons, and of how he is now remembered as the greatest hero of all time."

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