Free Music from The Figgs - 10 Free Song Downloads

"The tried and true band The Figgs, which has a world-wide fan base, a hearty discography, and has toured and recorded several times with the legendary Graham Parker, released their 12th studio album “The Day Gravity Stopped” in April 2012 and on January 15th, 2013- the band celebrates 25 years with their new 25-song Anthology “1000 People Grinning” featuring singles and fan favorites."

The 10 Free Song Downloads from The Figgs include:

1 On The Grounds Of Stately Homes
2 Chased
3 The Lovely Miss Jean
4 Inspector R.T.
5 Brain Be Gone
6 Do Me Like You Said You Would
7 Feeling Higher
8 Can't Sit Still
9 Jupiter Row
10 Always Time

Even if you're not familiar with the artists included in this Free music download offer, it's a great way to increase your music repertoire. You just might find some new cool artists!

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