Free Cumin Seed from Penzeys Spices

To get your Free Jar of Cumin Seed from Penzeys Spices:

1. Click on "Go to Checkout" and sign in as a guest.

2. Enter coupon code: 42730C and it will then place the item in your cart (it will show shipping as $7.95, but just place the order and then it will show $0.00).

3. Fill in shipping info and place order.

** Thanks Megan **

FYI: USA. No credit card required.

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Anonymous said...


Sammie said...

When I posted this last night, my order went through with no problem.

I also received a confirmation email:

"Thank you for placing your order #**** on Penzeys.com. We will be verifying your order for fulfillment soon.

Today I received another email that states:

"Thank you for visiting our website. We unfortunately experienced some technical difficulties and your order(s) has been canceled. This problem is now resolved, so if you wish to place your order again, please visit us at www.penzeys.com."

Returned to their website and the offer no longer works.

Very disappointed. Sent a letter off to their company to see what is going on. Stay tuned...