Free Auto Accident Kit (Select States)

Those of you in the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Kansas, can request a Free Auto Accident Kit from The Sawaya Law Firm.

The Free Auto Accident Kit includes everything you will need if you are in an accident:

Disposable 24-exposure color camera with flash that can be used to record property damage and visible signs of bodily injury. If you return the camera to The Sawaya Law Firm, we'll develop the film for free.

A post-accident instruction card

A flashlight and battery

A pen

A 15-by-18 personal belongings bag with handle so you can gather personal belongings from your vehicle, in case it is severely damaged.

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FYI: Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Kansas. If you are outside of these areas there is a charge for shipping.

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