Free How to Feed a family of 4 or more for less than $200 a Month (E-book/Kindle)

The Free How to Feed a family of 4 or more for less than $200 a Month (E-book/Kindle) is available for Free for three days (starts 12:01 am EST on August 31st - ends at midnight on September 02, 2012). Another wonderful e-Book by Melissa 'Liss' Burnell.

"Grocery expenses have risen drastically and finding ways to trim the household budget without feeling like you're constantly "going without" is getting more and more difficult. Despite the economy and lousy gas prices, you can still feed a family of four or more for under $200 a month using these simple tried and true techniques. Discover how to slash your grocery bill, whether once a month cooking really helps your budget, sample 30 day dinner menu plan as well as tried and true tips and tricks for reducing your grocery expenses, all WITHOUT having to deal with coupons."

Download your Free copy of How to Feed a Family of 4 or More for Less than $200 a Month.

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** Thank you to Megan and Little Samantha on her first Freebie!! **

FYI: USA. Make sure this is still Free before checkout as Amazon often changes the prices on their ebooks.

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