Free Pantene Olympic Games Collectible Pin

Pantene is giving away up to 20,000 total pins (10,000 on Facebook 7/28 and 10,000 on Facebook 8/2).

From Pantene on Facebook: "We’re giving away up to 20,000 total Pantene Olympic Games Collectible Pins* over two dates! Just “LIKE” our page, and then enter your information."

FYI: "*Pantene Olympic Games Collectible Pin by mail while supplies last. Available for US residents only. Must be over 18 years old to participate. Limit one pin per household while supplies last." They will send a confirmation to your e-mail address if you are a winner.

What do I have to provide:

Sign Up or Login to Facebook
LIKE Pantene North America
Confirm E-mail
Birth Date
Opt in box

After registration form was sent: "We have received your request and you should receive your Olympic Collectible Pin by mail within 4-6 weeks."