Free Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable

" This USB 2.0 cable connects your iPhone, iPad or iPod — directly or through a Dock — to your computer's USB port for efficient syncing and charging or to the Apple USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet."

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You will need a credit card for this offer (hopefully a pre-paid one that you have for freebies). This deal is only live until 11:59 PM EST tonight July 28.

BE ADVISE: Once you complete the order, it will offer you another item which is NOT FREE. Be sure you do not except that offer!

** Thank you Megan and DJ **

FYI: USA. "If it's FREE why ask for a credit card? Yes it is FREE, a credit card is required to authorize $1 dollar to prevent fraud and verify your billing/shipping address!"

What do I have to provide:

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