Possible Free Toy Product Test

The Free Toy Product Test is for All You Reality Checkers. If you’re not a member you can sign up at http://cs.silverpop.com/allyou/preferences/

"Become an ALL YOU Reality Checker™!

Join other women just like you and share ideas on how to do things better, smarter, faster and cheaper."

To enter to receive the Free Toy Product Test AND provide ALL YOU with your feedback, please fill out the form on their website.

If you are selected to participate you will receive the sample in the mail in the next few weeks.

** Thanks Megan **


What do I have to provide:

Short survey

After registration form was sent: "Thanks for entering to test a product and share your feedback with us! If you are selected, you will receive your sample within about a week. If not, there will be plenty of opportunities to share your thoughts with ALL YOU in the future."