Free Make a Difference Kit

The Make a Difference Kit includes:

Be Waste Aware – Waste Reduction Resources and Tools for Students

A Collection of Solid Waste Resources on CD-ROM

“Greenscaping” Your Lawn and Garden

Let’s Go Green Shopping

The Life Cycle of a CD or DVD

The Life Cycle of a Cell Phone

The Life Cycle of a Soccer Ball

Make a Difference in Your School: A How-to Guide for Engaging Students in Resource Conservation and Waste Reduction

The New Wave in Electronics: eCycling

Pack a Waste Free Lunch

Science Fair Fun

Service Learning: Education Beyond the Classroom

Tools to Reduce Waste in Schools

You Can Make a Difference: Learn About Careers in Waste Management

FYI: USA. "NOTE to international visitors: We can no longer provide you with printed copies of the kit and its individual titles. You may download them from the Web and copy them for your students."

What do I have to provide:

Chosse kit or pieces of the Make a Difference Kit

After registration form was sent: "Thank you for ordering the Make a Difference Middle School Kit. You should receive the materials you ordered in approximately ten business days."