Free Hype Music MP3 Album (download)

Amazon is offering a free MP3 album download of Hype Music Vo. 1 from various artists.

Hype Music: Vol. 1 Song list:

Write This Down by Stealing Signs

I'm Always Right by New Cassettes

Doin' My Thing by Rose Hart

F****** Best Song Everrr by Wallpaper

See The World by 16 Frames

Blue Shoes by Margo May

Come To Life by National Skyline

Hypem (feat. Armanni Reign) by Atlantic Connection

Living Tonight by Just Kait

Contagious by Marc Robillard

Television by Lego Johnson

Thunderhorse by The Diamond Light

Even if you're not familiar with many of the artists included in this Free music download offer, it's a great way to increase your music repertoire. You just might find some new cool artists!


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