Free eBook: The Silence of Lir (Saga of the Spheres)

The Silence of Lir (Saga of the Spheres) by Mary Twomey.

Check out the brand new Trailer for the upcoming Saga of the Spheres book series, a SciFi Fantasy epic spanning globes:

"The Silence of Lir (Saga of the Spheres) - Behind the scenes of our spinning earth are keepers of the elements who make sure that tornados don’t destroy cities, fires don’t ravage forests, earthquakes don’t decimate towns, and floods don’t take out humanity. They wrestle with the natural elements to ensure that the world keeps spinning smoothly on its axis.

Since the beginning of time, the Sun has been fading, and the light that shines on the earth is dimming, causing the elements to be more volatile and impossible for the keepers to control.

Now they must enlist the help of one man, Finn, to help them bring the light back to the Sun. The keepers war, the North Star steals light from the Sun, and the Moon is in disrepute. The end of existence is coming, and all the while the king, the Moon, Lir, remains silent."

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FYI: Valid thru June 5, 2012.

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