115 Free RecycleBank Points from From Passport Planet and Stoneyfield

"New offer for 115 Free RecycleBank Points. As your Free RecycleBank Points add up, you will be able to get lots of great magazine subscriptions, coupons, and more!

To get your 115 Free RecycleBank Points:

Login or register for Recyclebank.

Next, visit the Africa Region area, click each of the countries listed and complete the tasks to get a total of 95 RecycleBank Points.

After you have finished the Africa Region, look for the Stoneyfield Image on the right side of their page and take the quiz to get a total of 15 RecycleBank Points.

Next, visit the Johannesburg, South Africa hidden bonus points area located just to the left of the "Malawi" icon (hover your icon on the "Malawi" icon and scroll to the left and down while right clicking. You will get a popup for the hidden points). Complete this for 5 Bonus RecycleBank points.

FYI: "Registration is currently open to residents of the U.S. and U.K only" If your signing up for RecycleBank for the first time, you must confirm your e-mail address." Above link for Recyclebank is my referral link.

What do I have to provide:

Sign Up or Log In to RecyleBank

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