Free Video Game Rental at Redbox

FREEBIE REMINDER: Weekdays just got more Fun! Free Game Nights*.

Between now and 3/8/12, reserve a game online and get the first day Free.

Head on over to the Redbox website to reserve your Free Video Game Rental.

FYI: USA. "*Limit: 1 free 1 day game rental per transaction. Only available for online reservations (not via our app, for rentals that originate at a kiosk or for prior rentals). Payment card required."

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Anonymous said...

That is a clever marketing hook LOL. They know very well that a free day of game rental will lead to a lot of people keeping them for a few days longer, because if you get a game you like, there’s no way you can get very far in it, in a day. And at two bucks a day, those charges can add up quick. I don’t have to worry about that now though. DISH, my employer, released the Blockbuster @Home service, and not only has it rounded out my options and given me way more entertainment, but it’s saved me money too. For instance, I get both game and movie rentals through the mail, I can stream tons of shows and movies straight to my receiver or PC, and I get a great list of movie channels in high-definition. Hard to ask for more than that.