Free Mucinex Tablet Sample

"The Mucinex Tablet Giveaway 10,000 Free Mucinex tablet samples (two tablets per sample) will be awarded every 7-day period (Thursday 12 p.m. to Thursday 11:59 a.m.) during the Giveaway period on a first come first serve basis."

The Free Mucinex Tablet Sample will be sent in pouches of two tablets each. The tablets are Mucinex extended-release bi-layer tablets (600 mg guaifensin) for relief of chest congestion.

FYI: "Giveaway begins at 12:00pm ET February 23, 2012 and ends 11:59am ET March 22, 2012. Must be a resident of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, 18 years or older to request product sample."

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