Free Twist n'Catch App For Android (value 1.09)

Today's (1/25/12) Free Android App is Twist n'Catch by Okugi Studio (You Save: 1.09)

"Product Features

* Play this action-packed puzzle game on your Android device

* Collect gems while dangling from a rope in dangerous, exotic places

* Solve more than 120 challenging levels

* Explore 3 universes of adventure

* Puzzle your way through Aztec temples, Egyptian tombs, pirates' lairs, and more

Test your adventuring skills in Twist n'Catch, an action-packed game of puzzles and dexterity for your Android device. You're the intrepid explorer Emmet Black, and your gig is treasure hunting. Travel the world over, discover exotic places, and bring back riches galore!

Accompanied by your faithful companion, Sergeant Cookie, you drop yourself into dangerous realms in search of diamonds and sapphires. Held in mid-air by nothing but a rope and your own self-confidence, your task is to find a way to collect gems while avoiding innumerable obstacles and traps."

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