Free Preschool: 15 in 1 Kids Pack iPad App

"First time ever, number 1 education app on appstore free for weekend. Grab this wonderful for your kids.

Free Preschool: 15 in 1 Kids Pack FEATURES:

- 15 apps to learn

- Kids under 2-7 age groups

- Dozens of sounds and voice recordings of animals, letters, numbers, colors, and more.

- 100 words to learn and play using them.

- Learn to write the alphabets and number

- Alphabets and numbers sound identification.

- Two games to play: Memory match and Hangman.

- Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication test

- Learn to draw freely.

- Sketching

- More than 50 animals sounds

- Days of the week

- Months of the year


What do I have to provide:

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Anonymous said...

Is this over on Sunday or Monday?

Sammie said...

It looks like it is good until Monday