Free Nutro Products from Expo (must qualify)

"Expo is an online video community of consumers who share their unbiased, honest reviews and opinions through various word of mouth programs with their peers and brands."

When you become an Expo member, you get to try products for free, sometimes even before they hit store shelves. You will then share your opinion about products in video, earning points to redeem for cool rewards.

Tryology Expo has recently launched a new program with Nutro, where qualifying EXPO members will receive free full-size packages of Nutro Ultra or Natural Choice Dry Dog Food. To be eligible to try the Herbal Essences or Secret offer:

Register or Log Sign Into Expo and take the screener in your profile to see if you qualify. If selected for the Nutro program, you will receive an invitation and the free product to try and review. Look for an invitation to participate on Dec. 21st for Secret and Dec. 26th for Herbal Essences

** Thank you to Teresa **

FYI: USA. You do have to qualify to receive these products to review. You must confirm your e-mail address.

What do I have to provide:

Confirm e-mail
Confirm password
Opt in box

After registration form was sent: "Thanks for joining EXPO! You'll be receiving a confirmation email in your email account soon. Please click on the link in that message to verify your email address and complete the registration process."

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