Free BRÖÖ Craft Beer Body & Haircare Samples Today - 1/17/12

Starting Wednesday, 1/17/12, you can get Free BRÖÖ Craft Beer Body & Haircare samples at retailers that carry their product.

From the BRÖÖ Craft Beer Body & Haircare facebook page:

"60,000 new BROO samples just arrived! They will be in stores Wednesday. Grab a free sample of a BROO product you haven't experienced yet. Body wash, perhaps?

How To Get Free BRÖÖ Craft Beer Body & Haircare Samples"

Hi everyone, and thanks for all the posts inquiring about the free BRÖÖ samples. They are available in-stores only, at all the stores that have been awesome enough to carry BRÖÖ. Check out www.broo.com for our store locator, and see if we're carried in a store near you! Stop by any Earth Fare grocery or select Whole Foods in the South after Wednesday. We're trying as hard as we can to be carried in stores across the country. In fact, we've got big news coming in the next few weeks about new States where we'll be sold. Check back and thanks for your interest!"

Find your local BRÖÖ retailers.

FYI: Sold in AL, FL, GA, NC, OH, SC, and TN

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