Free Annie’s Lunch Bag

"EcoBonus is a one-stop resource for information and savings on eco-conscious, natural, or socially responsible products. You’re rewarded for taking steps toward conscientious shopping. It’s that easy."

Steps to get your Free Annie’s Lunch Bag:

1. Join EcoBonus.

2. Fill out the "About Me" section to earn 10 more.

3. Click "Enter Codes" at the top of their website and enter codes: NUZE-86UC-R6BR and M4F4-R5W5-4H5T to get 26 more points (it takes one business day after you enter a code for their system to process it and make the points available for you to redeem).

4. Spend your 30 points on the Annie’s Lunch Bag by searching the "Rewards Catalog" for: Annie’s lunch

The Annie’s Lunch Bag is 100% recycled cotton canvas lunch sack is handmade and printed using plant-based inks produced by Kids Konserve.


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