Free Album Download: "Growing In The Cold" by Jess Penner

"Jess Penner is a singer songwriter from Los Angeles California who’s infectiously joyful songs have been featured in many commercial campaigns, movies, and tv shows here in the US as well as abroad. “Growing in the cold” is earning praise as a catchy and creative blend of folk and quirky electro pop. Songs that capture the sweetness of life and the complexity of love. Honest music from a hopeful heart."

"Growing In The Cold" by Jess Penner includes:

1. Let Go

2. Colorful

3. Life Is Rosy

4. Everywhere I Go

5. Blue Bird

6. Fly Away 3

7. Paradise

8. I Won’t Change

9. Bring Me The Sunshine

10. Built To Break

11. The Lucky One

12. White Light

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