Free 1 year ShopRunner Membership

Register for ShopSanity and you will get a way to share Free ShopRunner Memberships with anyone on your facebook friends list.

Here’s how to get your FREE membership:

-Sign up for a Free ShopSanity Account
-Follow the steps on the screen
-You can also share the ShopRunner credit with your Facebook friends

Once you have completed the steps, ShopSanity will send you a unique link to start your ShopRunner membership!

You can simply "share" your referral link with yourself (e.g. another e-mail address/account) or with someone you know.

Note: Their website is slow as of this post **

FYI: USA. You need to have a Facebook and Gmail or Yahoo account.

** Thanks Megan **

What do I have to provide:

Sign Up or Login with Gmail or Yahoo
Secure.shopsanity.com is asking for some information from your account

After registration form was sent: "Welcome! Thanks for signing up! Thanks again for joining ShopSanity. Your account should be ready momentarily."

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