Free Sample of Jewels Molasses Hookah Tobacco (21+)

"Dream Castle Tobacco is proud to introduce its new line of Jewels Molasses Tobacco for the exciting Hookah tobacco market!

"For 600 years this tradition was prominent primarily in the Orient but now the pleasures of hookah smoking are a world-wide phenomenon. The Jewels Molasses line has been triple-washed and double-cased to create the smoothest smoke available. Each package of Jewels Molasses Hookah Tobacco also includes specially designed flavored tips, to enhance your smoking enjoyment."

FYI: Worldwide?

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Ahram said...

I would like your free Jewels Molasses Tobacco because I smoke sometime

Sammie said...

Hi Ahram, Freebie Fanatics does not provide the samples, we just post where to get them. Click on the link where it states "Each package of Jewels Molasses Hookah Tobacco " and fill in the form. Thanks for your comment.