Free Ironman Perform Sports Drink (coupon)

There is still time to request your coupon for a Free bottle of Ironman Perform Sports Drink.

"Ironman PERFORM™ is a serious sports drink specifically developed by the sports nutrition experts at PowerBar®. Designed to enhance performance, keep you hydrated and help you push your limits when you need maximum energy delivery1 and cramp-crushing electrolytes.2

Ironman Perform Sports Drink is ideal for use before and during high-intensity exercise and competition, new Ironman PERFORM sports drink delivers the thirst-quenching fluids, carbohydrates and key electrolytes athletes need to stay hydrated and fueled to help reach their full potential."

FYI: USA. Expires 12/31/11

What do I have to provide:

Print coupon and redeem at any specialty retail shops.

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