Free Flask From Black And Mild (Call-In)

To get a Free Flask From Black And Mild, call 1-855-5ENJOYMENT (1-855-536-5696) and press #1. You need to sign up for their mailing list if you have not done so already.

Free Flask From Black And Mild (Call-In)

FYI: You need to be a smoker 21+ years or older. USA.

What do I have to provide:


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Anonymous said...

this offer is NO GOOD the lady on the phone said it has expired over a yr ago lol so ppl save ur time and embaressment and don't bother calling in. Today is dec 2 20012

Sammie said...

Thanks for the info anonymous. This offer was posted over a year ago (11/28/11). Usually freebies offers last a couple days if not fewer.