Free Stuff from Horizon Organic

To help spread the word about Horizon's heritage, Horizon is inviting their fans to send their stories to their friends and earn points toward unlocking FREE Horizon gifts.

"Each day, for every new friend that accepts your invitation, you'll earn one point and your friend will earn one point. You can send the app to an unlimited number of friends right now, but you can only accumulate one point per day, so remember to come back every day, read each new story, and receive another point."

You can then use your points to get Free Stuff from Horizon Organic. Free gifts include a reusable shopping bag, notebook and lunchbox set.


What do I have to provide:

Sign Up or Login to Facebook
Share App
Send stories to your friends by inviting them to authorize the app

After registration form was sent: "Congratulations. You are now ready to start earning points!"

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