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Today's (10/20/11) Free Android App is Rush Hour by ThinkFun by Contapps (You Save: 1.99)

""It never fails. You have to be at an important meeting at 6 p.m. You jump on the freeway at 5:30, sure you have plenty of time when--oh no! Gridlock!

Most of the time, rush hour is--to say the least--no fun for all involved. But not when you're talking about Rush Hour, the classic puzzle game that has gone from an awkward plastic board to awesome digital app in this incredibly addicting game for Android.

The concept couldn't be simpler. You are the red car. A rainbow-hued variety of automobiles block your path to the exit. Honking your horn won't help. You're going to have to figure out how to slide the cars around in such a way as to clear your path. (No, smashing into them is not an option.)"

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