Free Lenox Reciprocating Saw Blade

We had the Free Lenox Reciprocating Saw Blade posted last year but know they are offering a different blade. The Free Lenox Reciprocating Saw Blades has been around for a while but now you get a choice between demolition, wood, or a metal cutting blade.

To get your Free Lenox Reciprocating Saw Blade copy and paste the following link into your browser: http://www.cutsomething.com/

Next, visit the Warehouse and the Test Lab first. Click on the image of the Warehouse and then the Test Lab to visit. You have to click on something in each place.

After your visit you will be able to request your Free Lenox Reciprocating Saw Blade (click on the cardboard box which will say Free Sample Blade when you hover over it." If this link doesn't work, click on the "Loading Dock" tab at the top of their website to get to the image of the box.

FYI: USA, UK, Canada, AUs and NZ. Company name required. If you did this last year, it may not let you do it again under the same email address.

What do I have to provide:

Job title
Company name
Newsletter opt in box
Survey opt box
18 years or older box
Short survey
Blade selection

After registration form was sent: "Shipped"

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