Free Discovery Channel DVDs From 3Gorillas (first 500)

To get your Free Discovery Channel DVDs From 3Gorillas:

1.) “Like” 3Gorillas.com on Facebook

2.) “Like” a product on 3Gorillas.com website

3.) Post to the 3Gorillas Facebook Wall why you “Like” the product

4.) Complete the form on 3Gorillas Facebook Page.

FYI: USA. Must confirm e-mail!! "DVDs are shipped on first-come, first serve basis. First 500 customers to complete the steps fully will receive the DVD. Content of DVDs varies but will be one of the following programs: Deadliest Catch, Expedition Alaska, American Chopper, Future Weapons, Dirty Jobs, Shark Week, Mythbusters, Alien Planet, Extreme Engineering, Unsolved History, Discovery Special Feature. We cannot guarantee shipment of preferred DVD. Offer only valid while supplies last. All fields must be complete to be considered a valid submission."

What do I have to provide:

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After registration form was sent: Taken to https://www.facebook.com/3Gorillas?sk=app_192229990808929. Check your e-mail for confirmation.

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