Free SportCaster: Pro (Sports, Twitter) App For Android

Today's (9/30/11) Free Android App is SportCaster: Pro (Sports, Twitter) by OneLouder Apps (You Save: 4.99)

"SportCaster is an app that connects you directly with this brave new world, bringing you live college and pro sports with a social voice. Got a favorite NFL team? The app lets you flag the team (or teams, if you divide your loyalties) and then generates a Twitter feed with everything related to that team. This includes journalists, bloggers, fans, and those connected directly to the team, all commenting before, during, and after games. Or you can limit the feed to specific hashtags that you enter.

You can also follow a general Twitter feed for the NFL, college football, or a particular college conference. There's even a feed dedicated to tweets by the best fantasy sports experts. Never miss breaking news and be the first among your friends to know what's going on."

You will need to install Amazon Appstore on your mobile phone or tablet.

FYI: Free Today 9/30/11 Only. Amazon Appstore is only available to customers located in the United States

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