Free Swiffer Duster (Vocalpoint Members)

Vocalpoints is offering a Free Swiffer Duster for members.

"Upgrade your home to HD clean with Swiffer®.The new and improved line of Swiffer® products is designed to provide a high quality, HD clean. Swiffer Dusters® trap & lock dirt, dust and hair better than a dry cloth or feather duster."

Visit the Vocal Points website to learn more and to request your Free Swiffer Duster.

FYI: "Must be a Vocalpoint member and U.S. resident; limited quantity available."

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After registration form was sent: "Congrats! You'll be one of the first to know about
Swiffer® HD clean and receive a FREE classic Swiffer Duster®. Your package should arrive in 5-7 weeks. When it does, try out the Swiffer Duster® and come back to share your thoughts with us"

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