Free Shout Color Catcher Sample

We had the Free Shout Color Catcher Sample posted on Freebie Fanatics a couple of times. As of this post it is allowing you to sign up again.

"With Color Catcher® you can mix whites, lights and colors without worrying about color runs. No need to separate clothes by color! Color Catcher® traps loose dyes and dirt released during the wash cycle. At the end of the wash, the dye and dirt come out on the Color Catcher® sheet, not your clothes. The Proof is on the Sheet.™"

Request your Free Shout Color Catcher Sample

** Thank you for the heads up Megan **

FYI: "A limited number of Shout® Color Catcher® Samples are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Limit one per household. Sample will arrive in the mail within 6 weeks. Offer redeemable only within the U.S."

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After registration form was sent: "You will receive your free Shout® Color Catcher® in the mail within six weeks. For more offers, promotions, product information and to join the Go Play movement, visit us on Facebook."

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