Free Negative-Ion Power Band

"With today’s deal you can save yourself time and money, and get rid of all those pills and energy drinks with the purchase of Power Bands. Look at you, multitasking. Pay $9 for one negative-ion band ($34.95 value) or $14 for two negative-ion bands ($69.90 value) from Power Bands.

These negative-ion bands are made with the perfect mixture of Germanium, Tourmaline and Titanium. Simply wear the bands around your wrist and you will feel healthier, more balanced and energized. They are great for athletes struggling with minor aches and pains such as tennis elbow, back pain or soreness. In perfect health? Power Bands only make you better as they improve your immune system, focus, sleep quality, concentration and balance. So, clear out your calendar, your fridge and the old-man pill organizer. It’s time to make room for some Power Bands."

Sign up for SaveMore to get the $10 credit and then click Free Negative-Ion Power Band to add to your shopping cart. The deal costs $9, so it’s free with the credit, plus Free shipping. If you don't see the offer, look in the right sidebar under "More Great Deals."

FYI: USA. "Expires February 27, 2012. Free shipping included. Voucher will be available for redemption on 8/27, at 12pm CST. Redeem online at PowerBands.tv. Limit one per person."

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*Ryssa*V* said...

when i signed up and tried to "buy" it required I enter a credit card although it states card will not be charged. I used visa giftcard I know has a very low balance ($3 remaining on it) which is still more than the $0 owed) I received a message stating my transaction was declined... how can a free item be declined with a card they aren't supposed to charge?

Sammie said...

Hi Ryssa, I like you use gift cards and pre-paid cards for these kind of offers. Never like to use my real credit or debit cards. I had no problem getting mine. I know this may sound stupid but are you sure there is still money left on your card. If so, try clearing your cookies and cache from your Internet browser and try it again. Let me know how it goes.