28 Free Stouffer’s Dinner Club Points

"Get codes from specially marked STOUFFERS® packages.

* Find a unique 12-digit code inside every specially-marked package of STOUFFER'S single-serve meals. Each STOUFFER'S Dinner Club code may be used only once, and members may enter up to 10 codes per day.

* For each code entered at the STOUFFER'S Dinner Club site, you'll receive 20 Dinner Club points!

* You'll receive 100 bonus points just for joining."

Enter your code to get 20 Free Stouffer’s Dinner Club Points.

Enter code: DCREWARDS0811

After your finished redeeming you code, take the August 2011 Survey for another 8 Free Stouffer’s Dinner Club Points

FYI: USA. "In order to signup for Dinner Club news you must also select the STOUFFER'S® news checkbox."

What do I have to provide:

Log in or Register to Stouffer’s Dinner Club
Confirm e-mail
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Confirm password
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Short survey
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After registration form was sent: "Thank you. Your code has been accepted. We will deposit 20 points into your account. Thank you. 8 bonus points have been deposited into your account."

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