Free Safari! HD App For Android

Today's (7/13/11) Free Android App is Safari! HD by grasslandgames (You Save: 1.29)

"An array of cute animal faces peer from your home screen just waiting to be linked with their friends. Go on a matching safari, and swipe your way through mazes of wild little beasts.

There's a game mode for everyone. Choose to play any of the Safari! HD options: Survivor, Time Attack, and Endless. In Survivor mode, the clock is running, but you have the opportunity to add time--earn 2,000 points and your time bar increases 50%. In Time Attack mode, match as many animals as you can in 100 seconds. In Endless mode, relax, enjoy the samba, and play until your heart's content: no ticking clock, or loud buzzers interrupt this cool safari. "

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FYI: Free Today 7/13/11 Only. Amazon Appstore is only available to customers located in the United States

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