Free Dashboard Assist PRO App For Android

Today's (7/15/11) Free Android App is Dashboard Assist PRO: In-Car Dashboard, Hands-Free Answering, and Journey Logger by RobotiCode Ltd (You Save: 3.99)

"This app isn't just a dashboard assist, it's a comprehensive co-pilot, chock-full of savvy features and logging capabilities. Use it to record (and improve) your carbon footprint, to refine your driving technique, or just as a journal, to log the minutiae of long trips. This app tracks your speed, time, mileage, and direction. It provides a comprehensive dashboard, and can also run in the background of other apps. Access the active app by tapping the icon in the notification bar of the phone. Pause the app between legs of a journey to conserve battery and halt the tracked time.

Dashboard Assist PRO acts as a speedometer, compass, and odometer with a variety of customizable style options. Track your speed visually or have it spoken to you. This PRO app has live graphing features for tracking your speed in real time. Graph your speed by recent or whole journey timeframes. The Eco light tracks your carbon footprint by analyzing your average speed, acceleration, and cornering. Flick the main screen to the left to see these averages in action, as well as all three eco views. Flick once more to see the double dials of the current time and speed (always use your automobile's speedometer as the true reading)."

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FYI: Free Today 7/15/11 Only. Amazon Appstore is only available to customers located in the United States

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